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Trucker Buddy Volunteers Show Scouts Life Behind the Wheel

January 19, 2016 By: Trucking News Staff Tags: Image, News
Trucker Buddy Volunteers Show Scouts Life Behind the Wheel

Trucker Buddy International recently participated in the Circle Ten Xperience (CTX) that brought more than 12,000 Scouts, leaders and parents to the Texas Motor Speedway.

Trucker Buddy was joined by members of America’s Road Team, Crete Carriers, Don Hummer Trucking, Freightliner Trucks, Detroit and Frito-Lay for the event.

Trucker Buddy coordinated with CTX to bring in four trucks and trailers for the Scouts to explore, sit in and ask questions of the drivers about technology and careers. Many young men and women had the opportunity to sit in the seat of a big rig and see how a driver lives while on the road.

Many said they were amazed how large the sleepers were inside. The opportunity to show thousands of Scouts, parents and leaders a positive view of the trucking industry should pay benefits well into the future.

Among the drivers fielding questions and conducting tours were Matt Slovack, Don Hummer Trucking; Henry Albert, Albert Transport; K.C. Brau, Crete Carrier Corp.; Gary Babbit, Central Freight Lines; Tim Vogt, Con-Way Freight; John McKown, UPS Freight; Byron Bramwell, YRC Freight; and Lynn Redmon, Frito-Lay.

James Parnell, Circle Ten director, said, “The Trucker Buddy program is a great one for all Scouts. Your trucks and showmanship were a great addition to our event. You have a great message and mission and many thanks for educating our participants.”