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Toyo Recalls 175,000 Light Truck Tires for Undue Tread/Belt Stress

November 26, 2014 By: Trucking News Staff Tags: News, Safety

Toyo Tire Holdings of Americas Inc., headquartered in Cypress, Calif., has announced a safety recall campaign on 175,000 Toyo Tires and Nitto brand tires intended for light trucks, SUVs and vans including those used in commercial applications.

The recall campaign covers select Toyo Open Country H/T with Tuff Duty tires manufactured between November 2008 and June 2013, and select Nitto Dura Grappler Highway Terrain tires manufactured between May 2007 and April 2012.

In a small number of these recall tires, production variances in the belt package during the relevant production periods may have created conditions that may put undue stress on the belt edge. If undetected, this condition may potentially contribute to a tread/belt separation and/or loss of inflation pressure, which may increase the risk of tire failure and a vehicle crash.

The recall tires were manufactured at Toyo’s plant in Sendai, Japan and in Kuwana, Japan and can be identified by examining the sidewall stamping for the Brand, Model, Size, the “Made in Japan” mark, and the Tire Identification Number, which includes the plant code and the manufacture date.

Owners of affected tires should return to their tire dealer as soon as possible for free replacement tires.