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Survey Finds Truck Rental Clients Want Better Customer Service

May 19, 2016 By: Trucking News Staff Tags: Fleet Management, Image, News

Record360, an industry-leading provider of asset condition software, has released the results of its first-ever truck rental customer survey. The survey findings point to an increasing need for truck rental companies to improve customer service and enhance vehicle condition reporting to protect customers against inaccurate damage and overuse claims.

The nationwide survey, fielded by Pollfish, was conducted early last month on behalf of Record360. The survey was conducted online among more than 500 adults who had rented a commercial truck for business purposes. Those surveyed were probed on factors that influence rental decisions, including ways to improve the overall experience and issues that lead to loss of customer loyalty.

Key findings included:

  • Customer service is by far the No. 1 factor cited as to why a truck rental company is chosen — well ahead of online reservation options, lease-to-buy features and access to roadside assistance
  • More than 70 percent of rental customers worry about being blamed for damage they did not cause
  • Nearly 90 percent of renters do not believe paper forms and pictograms are an accurate way of tracking a truck’s condition
  • The top reasons for never doing business with a truck rental company again include: terrible customer service, incorrect blame for truck damage, inaccurate documentation of miles driven during rental and being charged for gas when tank was filled before vehicle return
  • Fifty-two percent of renters want a visual record of the truck’s condition so they aren’t unfairly charged for damage.

“It’s exciting to see that customers are gravitating towards things like positive customer service and improved documentation of vehicle condition, because these are things that truck rental companies of all sizes can cost-effectively incorporate into their everyday processes,” said Shane Skinner, Record360’s founder and CEO.

“Truck rental companies can improve the customer experience by using tools and tactics that provide greater transparency when it comes to truck condition and usage.”