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Ryder Teams Lauded for Commitment to Safety

May 23, 2013 By: Trucking News Staff Tags: News, Safety

Ryder System Inc., a leader in transportation and supply chain management solutions, has announced the winners of its 2012 Chairman’s Safety Award. The award recognizes segments of its business in the U.S. and Canada that demonstrate superior dedication, leadership, and performance in all areas of safety.

The Best Overall Award, which recognizes the Fleet Management Solutions (FMS) region and Supply Chain Solutions (SCS) business segment with the best overall safety results, was presented to Bryce Kinsley, vice president of operations (West Region), Fleet Management Solutions; and Steve Martin, vice president of Ryder Dedicated (East), U.S. Supply Chain Solutions.

The Best Business Unit/Team Award recognizes the top three FMS Business Units (BU), as well as the top teams in the SCS and Ryder Dedicated business for achieving the highest overall ranking in the safety metrics tracked monthly by each business. In Fleet Management Solutions, the winners are: Terry Spaniel, director of operations for Southern Texas BU; Cheryl Sunshine, director of operations for Southern Pacific BU; and Keith Fagan, director of operations for Rocky Mountain BU. In U.S. Supply Chain Solutions, the winners are: Tom Regan, director of customer logistics for SCS Transportation; Amro Elsabbagh, director of client operations for SCS Distribution; and Mark Valenziano, director of customer logistics for Ryder Dedicated.

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