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Record360, Karmak Partner for Commercial Truck Rentals, Leasing

December 7, 2016 By: Trucking News Staff Tags: Fleet Management, News, Technology
Record360, Karmak Partner for Commercial Truck Rentals, Leasing

Record360, a national provider of asset condition reporting software, has partnered with Karmak, a leading provider of business management software for the commercial transportation industry, to provide an integrated digital solution for renting and leasing commercial vehicles while documenting vehicle condition.

The partnership aligns with increasing business demands for efficient, digitized solutions for the commercial vehicle industry. Karmak’s software already provided commercial truck fleets with the ability to manage inventory from end-to-end for a simplified management process.

Meanwhile, Record360’s app-based solution offered rental and leasing companies the ability to decrease damage disputes and expenses by digitizing the condition review process. By integrating the two solutions, commercial vehicle firms will, for the first time ever, enjoy a fully streamlined and digitized rental management and rental condition review experience.

“Our partnership with Karmak is designed to help commercial vehicle companies provide better customer service by digitizing the entire data capture experience while helping companies protect themselves from unnecessary damage expenses and improving the entire claims collection process,” said Shane Skinner, founder and CEO of Record360.

According to Adam Madsen, Karmak’s vice president of development, the integration will have far ranging implications for functions as diverse as renting and leasing to service and parts to better record vehicle and parts conditions and remove disputes entirely from their everyday processes.