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Price of Diesel Edges Upward in All But 2 Regions Last Week

November 12, 2015 By: Trucking News Staff Tags: Fleet Management, Fuel, News

Truck stops posted higher diesel fuel prices in all regions of the nation except the Rocky Mountain states and California, according to figures released this week by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA).

Prices averaged $2.502 nationwide, a 1.7 cent per gallon increase over the week before, but still $1.175 per gallon less than a year ago last week. A gallon of diesel cost 1.4 cents per gallon less in California last week, but that state — with average prices at $2.803 per gallon— remains the highest in the nation.

Those filling up their tractors in the Rocky Mountains also got a price break, but at less than a tenth of a cent, the drop was barely noticeable. The best prices could be found in the Gulf Coast states where a gallon of petrol cost an average $2.317 per gallon.

Shown below are diesel prices by region for the week ending Monday, Nov. 9:

East Coast: $2.492 last week, $2.513 this week

New England: $2.546 last week, $2.549 this week

Central Atlantic: $2.604 last week, $2.620 this week

Lower Atlantic: $2.396 last week, $2.424 this week

Midwest: $2.516 last week, $2.526 this week

Gulf Coast: $2.290 last week, $2.317 this week

Rocky Mountains: $2.497 last week, $2.488 this week

California: $2.817 last week, $2.803 this week.