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PacLease Provides Online Safety Courses to Trucking Customers

March 17, 2016 By: Trucking News Staff Tags: Fleet Management, News, Safety

PacLease has announced a new safety course program in partnership with J.J. Keller. The subscription-based program, called PacTrainer, allows PacLease customers to take full advantage of more than 360 online courses and tutorials that aim to improve driving skills and compliance.

“We worked closely with J.J. Keller, which has been an industry leader in safety and compliance for more than 60 years,” said Michelle Harry, PacLease’s director of marketing. “The easy-to-use online program is accessible 24/7 and the interactive courses cover topics ranging from extreme weather driving, to speed and space management, and hours-of-service training. We offer a complete library of courses which provide our customers’ drivers with continuing education.”

PacTrainer offers safety compliance training on a variety of topics, including safe driving practices, hazmat, human resources and legal compliance, workplace safety, and construction.

In addition, Harry said that PacTrainer offers a video subscription service. “With this, our customers have access to more than 100 full-length videos on a variety of safety topics. The videos can be watched either in a classroom setting or via remote viewing while drivers are at rest stops. Most segments also come with an instructor’s guide, classroom handouts and quizzes.”