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Mack Trucks Designates First Mack Certified Uptime Center

February 9, 2016 By: Trucking News Staff Tags: Fleet Management, News, Owner Operators, Technology
Mack Trucks Designates First Mack Certified Uptime Center

Mack Trucks has announced the first four dealer locations to achieve the Mack Certified Uptime Center designation. With standardized workflows and service processes, as well as redesigned service bays, Mack Certified Uptime Centers provide faster and more efficient service experiences to customers.

The first four dealers to achieve the certification are: Vision Truck Center of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada; Vanguard Truck Center of Phoenix, Ariz.; Nextran Truck Center of Birmingham, Ala.; and Westfall O’Dell Truck Sales of Kansas City, Mo. All four dealers were part of the Certified Uptime Center pilot program.

The certification evaluates dealer service locations on 28 required process elements, ranging from shop organization to implementation of diagnostic tools. While many of the elements were already considered “best practices,” Mack combined the elements under the Certified Uptime Centers effort to maximize their impact.

“We, along with other dealer groups, worked closely with Mack to gather proven ideas that help improve the service process for customers,” said John Slotegraaf, dealer principal, Vision Truck Center. “In fact, many of the 28 process steps required for certification are tried-and-true methods that have been tested every day at the dealer level.”

Completion of the certification process takes about eight weeks, and includes a final assessment to determine whether all Certified Uptime Center requirements have been met. Mack’s Dealer Fixed Operations Managers conduct the assessments and assign the final certification.

Mack Certified Uptime Centers are the latest evolution of Mack’s commitment to maximizing customer uptime. To qualify as a Certified Uptime Center, Mack dealer locations must demonstrate proficiency in new procedures designed to simplify and accelerate the service process.

In addition, Certified Uptime Centers must implement redesigned service bays focused on quick turnaround times. These “uptime bays” utilize Mack’s vast array of uptime tools to rapidly diagnose customer issues. Trucks with repairs that require less than four hours are repaired immediately, rather than being shuffled to the back of the line, as with the typical “first come, first served” practice common in today’s shops.