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Kenworth’s T680 Advantage Daycab Offers Up To 6% More Fuel Economy

August 15, 2016 By: Trucking News Staff Tags: Fleet Management, Fuel, Image, News
Kenworth’s T680 Advantage Daycab Offers Up To 6% More Fuel Economy

Kenworth Truck Co. has introduced the truckmaker’s new fuel-efficient Kenworth T680 Advantage daycab for pickup and delivery and regional-haul operators.

The new Kenworth T680 Advantage daycab features an optimized powertrain that includes the 2016 Paccar MX-13 engine or Paccar MX-11 engine and the Eaton Fuller Advantage series 10-speed automated transmission. In addition, the tractor includes fuel-efficient Meritor MT40-14X drive axles rated at 40,000 pounds, Kenworth Driver Performance Assistant, Kenworth Predictive Cruise Control, Kenworth Neutral Coast, and Flow Below wheel covers.

The Kenworth T680 Advantage daycab also includes aerodynamic treatments designed to further reduce aerodynamic drag and improve fuel economy. The featured enhancements are a front air dam, roof cap “bulb” seal, lower fairing extensions and lower fairing closeouts.

“We’ve leveraged some of the key fuel-efficiency optimization specifications and special aerodynamic treatments on the Kenworth T680 Advantage 76-inch sleeper — our most fuel-efficient truck — and brought them to the daycab market,” said Kurt Swihart, Kenworth marketing manager. “Customers who purchase new T680 daycabs will receive real-world, fuel economy benefits from these specifications and key aerodynamic features designed to help maximize operating efficiency.”

Altogether, the T680 Advantage Day Cab offers up to a 6 percent fuel economy benefit compared to a non-optimized Kenworth T680 daycab with the previous generation of Paccar MX-13 engine, Eaton Fuller automated transmission, and standard drive axles.

For driver retention and recruitment, the T680 Advantage daycab offers a design that optimizes comfort and provides an excellent drivers environment. Drivers appreciate features such as the 2.1-meter wide quiet cab, adjustable advanced suspension seats with climate control, air-assisted hydraulic clutch, ergonomic dash, easy-to-use Driver Performance Center, and LED interior lighting.