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Hydrogen-Electric Fuel Cell to Power Nikola’s Class 8 Trucks

August 31, 2016 By: Trucking News Staff Tags: Fleet Management, Fuel, News, Technology
Hydrogen-Electric Fuel Cell to Power Nikola’s Class 8 Trucks

A few months back, Nikola Motor Co. announced that it had achieved zero emissions with its electric-powered drivetrain. At that time, details about how Nikola achieved zero emissions were kept confidential pending finalization of key supplier agreements.

Tuesday, Nikola said the electric drivetrain used in the U.S. and Canadian markets will be powered by a custom-built hydrogen-electric 800V fuel cell.

Nikola’s hydrogen Class 8 tractors will be more powerful than any other production diesel truck on the road and have a range of more than 1,200 miles between fill-ups. It will achieve nearly 20 miles per gallon with zero emissions under full load, surpassing all the government mandates set forth for the next 10 years, including the EPA’s recently announced Phase 2 GHG standards.

“The desire to be 100 percent emission free in the U.S. and Canada is a critical piece of our long-term engineering and environmental efforts, not just in vehicle energy consumption, but also in how energy is produced,” said Travor Milton, CEO of Nikola Motor Co. “Nikola will produce hydrogen via zero emission solar farms built by Nikola Motor Co. These solar farms will produce more than 100 megawatts each and will use electrolysis to create hydrogen from water.

“Nikola plans to have a nationwide network of more than 50 hydrogen stations for customers to begin fueling by 2020. This will make Nikola the first company in the world to be 100 percent emission-free from energy production to transportation to consumption. Say goodbye to the days of dirty diesels and after treatment in the heavy duty class 8 market,” Milton said.

The Nikola One will be unveiled on Dec. 1, in Salt Lake City. Nikola Motor Co. has surpassed $3 billion in pre-orders since it began taking reservations in May of this year.