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Ghostruck Launches Moving Trucks in 13 Major Cities Nationwide

September 4, 2015 By: Trucking News Staff Tags: News, Owner Operators
Ghostruck Launches Moving Trucks in 13 Major Cities Nationwide

Ghostruck, the on-demand platform that connects consumers with professionally licensed and insured movers for jobs both big and small, has launched its service in 13 major markets across the country: Seattle; Portland, Ore.; Sacramento, Calif.; San Francisco, Oakland, Calif.; Los Angeles; San Diego; Denver; Austin, Texas; Miami; Washington, D.C./Arlington; and Boston.

Ghostruck’s platform matches people and businesses that have items to move, with professional movers who have empty or partially filled trucks. Users simply download the app or go to the website, snap photos of what they need moved, answer a few questions — like where the items are going and when — and are instantly delivered a fixed rate for the move based on Ghostruck’s proprietary algorithm.

Consumers no longer need to deal with the headache of renting a truck, taking measurements or haggling over price. Ghostruck also makes it easy for consumers to donate or dispose of the stuff they no longer want with a “Make it Disappear” option.

“Everyone understands the pain of moving, or moving something that cannot easily fit in a car or a pick-up truck — whether that’s packing up your whole apartment, waiting forever to have new furniture delivered, or trying to find a friend to help pick up a couch you bought on Craigslist,” said Nathanael Nienaber, Ghostruck co-founder and CEO. “Ghostruck takes the hassle out of moving your stuff, making the process as easy as snapping a few photos from your smartphone.”

Ghostruck’s model makes use of the empty moving trucks on the road at any given time. In fact, “ghost truck” is an industry term for an empty truck heading to home base after it has delivered its goods and completed a job. One-quarter of moving trucks on the road today are completely empty and almost half (48 percent) have extra room. By filling this empty space in existing professional moving trucks, Ghostruck enhances the industry at large, maximizing efficiency and keeping prices down.

“While we have a constant stream of steady jobs, there are still times when our trucks have room for more stuff, or are sitting empty between large moves, and this is the solution that fills those gaps,” said Jacob Raich, owner of Super Friends Moving, a Seattle-based partner. “With Ghostruck, everybody wins. Customers easily get their stuff moved with the peace of mind that comes from knowing they’re using professional movers and companies like ours pick up extra jobs and increase our revenue.”

Prior to founding Ghostruck, Nienaber spent nearly a decade at Georgia-Pacific, one of the leading manufacturers and largest shippers in the U.S., while co-founder Matt Hocking was the lead designer on a location-based dating app. Nienaber saw the problem of empty trucks on the road and, much like a dating service, Hocking identified an opportunity to foster connections between people, businesses and movers.

Ghostruck was born from the combination of these two opportunities. The company received $2.2 million in seed funding in the third quarter of 2014.