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Gabriel Launches New App For Testing Vehicle Suspension

June 13, 2017 By: Trucking News Staff Tags: News

Gabriel Ride Control unveiled Gabriel Ride Control Suspension Test for iOS and Android, a new app that allows users to check a vehicle’s suspension from their smart phone.

After downloading the app, users simply add their vehicle by selecting the year, make, model and style from a dropdown menu and add information on the estimated shock/strut mileage and an identifying name for the vehicle.

Users then pick which of the four corners they wish to test (front or rear, left or right). Simple instructions guide users in how to conduct the test by placing the phone over one of the corners and bouncing the corner once. The actual testing begins with the push of a start button. Clear results are immediately provided and users can go on to check other corners.

The test results include information and scores for performance and mileage, along with an overall score. After testing, app users can easily find out which parts they need and where to get them. They can also share their results with others via email.

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