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EPA Certifies Navistar Proprietary 13-liter Engine

April 18, 2013 By: Trucking News Staff Tags: Equipment, News

Navistar announced this week that it has received certification from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its proprietary 13-liter heavy-duty big-bore engines with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) emissions technology.

The EPA determination means these engines operate at or below the required 0.20 grams per brake horsepower hour (g/bhp-hr ) NOx.

Engines using SCR treat NOx emissions outside of the engine, allowing them to perform more efficiently with reduced exhaust gas recirculation (EGR). The end result is an engine that provides great performance, great fuel economy and meets the EPA regulations.

This most recent engine certification completes Navistar’s transition to SCR-based technology for its heavy-duty engines and means the first customer deliveries of ProStar units is scheduled for the end of April, according to Jack Allen, Navistar executive vice president and chief operating officer.

Navistar first introduced its SCR-based commercial trucks for the U.S. and Canadian markets in late 2012 with the launch of the International ProStar with the Cummins ISX 15-liter engine.

And with the certification of Navistar’s proprietary 13-liter engine on the ProStar, the company now makes available a complete lineup of clean engines for its Class 8 truck offerings.

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