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Detroit Diesel’s Virtual Technician an Edison Awards Finalist

April 22, 2013 By: Trucking News Staff Tags: News, Technology

Detroit Virtual Technician, which was developed by Zonar, has been named a 2013 award finalist by the internationally renowned Edison Awards. These distinguished awards recognize recipients for innovation, creativity and ingenuity in the global economy. Virtual Technician is a finalist in Applied Technology, one of a dozen categories honored by the Edison Awards.

Virtual Technician reduces downtime with remote vehicle diagnostic and performance data. Installed on Freightliner trucks equipped with Detroit engines, this advanced networked system captures data snapshots of a vehicle’s engine status before and after an engine fault code is triggered.

The data is then electronically transmitted to the Detroit Customer Support Center in Detroit, where the driver is then alerted to the severity of the problem, along with a recommend service. In addition, the support center alerts a repair facility prior to the customer’s arrival. This dramatically increases vehicle uptime and road safety.

Chris Oliver, chief marketing officer at Zonar, said Virtual Technician allows Detroit Customer Support to immediately work with Freightliner owners and service facilities to ensure maximum vehicle uptime. “This enables Detroit and Freightliner to provide a proactive level of service never before seen in the transportation industry,” he said.

Award winners will be announced Thursday at the Edison Awards gala, held in the Grand Ballroom at historic Navy Pier in Chicago.

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