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Dan Tidwell Joins TCA as Trucking Membership Specialist

August 14, 2015 By: Trucking News Staff Tags: Fleet Management, News

The Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) has hired Dan Tidwell to serve as its membership development specialist, a position created after TCA’s Membership Committee recognized that a dedicated membership specialist was needed to improve and expand the membership functions of the 76-year-old organization.

“Dan is smooth, but can be aggressive when necessary; humble, but knows he can get the job done; and successful, but knows where he came from,” said Michael Eggleton, Jr., who co-chairs the Membership Committee and is the vice president of Raider Express of Fort Worth, Texas. “We were looking for these qualities first, and a ‘salesman’ second, and we feel we got both.

“Truckers want someone who relates to them on all levels, not a salesman who was just selling stocks on Wall Street. Dan fits right in and knows where we, as an industry, come from,” Eggleton said.

Al Anderson, national sales manager of Bose Ride Team of Framingham, Mass., who co-chairs the Membership Committee along with Eggleton, said: “Dan really ‘gets it’ when it comes to the benefits that current and prospective members want and need to feel like a part of TCA. His willingness to be flexible in the way we work together is a good indicator of how he will be able to respond to the unique challenges this job will pose.”

Tidwell is the former senior vice president of Randall Reilly’s Construction Division. He is also a former publisher and regional sales manager for Equipment World magazine and a former director of the Overdrive Radio Network. Some of his achievements include launching several new publications and products within the construction industry, generating impressive sales revenues, and leading and motivating others.

In his new role at TCA, Tidwell will focus on identifying and recruiting prospective members as well as finding ways to retain current members.