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Bendix’s Truck Brake School Enrollment Rolls Past 30,000 Students

July 9, 2015 By: Trucking News Staff Tags: Fleet Management, News, Technology
Bendix’s Truck Brake School Enrollment Rolls Past 30,000 Students

Recently completing its second year, the Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems’ online brake school currently serves more than 30,000 registered users from more than two dozen countries.

Drivers, technicians, distributors, fleets and owner-operators continue to turn to, the on-line training site from Bendix, for the most current and in-depth technical training available. Bendix opened access to its knowledge database and technical resources in March 2013. Registration is free at, where the number of new participants grows weekly.

The Bendix On-Line Brake School covers all aspects of electronics and air brake maintenance, including courses on lane departure warning systems, air compressors, tire pressure monitoring systems, wheel-end maintenance, and radar alignment for active safety systems. Content is updated regularly, with nearly a dozen new courses developed and added to the curriculum in the past six months alone.

“Interest in the Bendix On-Line Brake School was strong from the start and only continues to get stronger. The 24/7/365 training portal is designed to offer the most current topics in a format that is easily accessible and flexible, and the school’s growth shows it’s meeting a critical industry need for in-depth technical training that users can access on their own terms,” said Barbara Gould, Bendix director of corporate communications.

The on-line school is open to registrations from both companies and individuals. Students logging into the password-protected site can choose from a broad range of training tools, including a dynamic menu of five- to seven-minute video segments. Among the other tools are interactive presentation modules, allowing students to review the information at their own pace and — with the site always available — on their own schedule.

Students measure what they’ve learned by completing knowledge checks at the end of each course. offers a variety of access levels, most of which enable companies to track their registered technicians’ and employees’ participation and progress.

Through, students can access Bendix’s comprehensive and interactive Air Brake Training course, along with a curriculum covering the full spectrum of braking and active vehicle safety system product topics. Topics range from overall education on product features and operation to troubleshooting, diagnostics, and maintenance best practices. Other content includes segments addressing CSA (Compliance, Safety, Accountability), highway safety, and emissions regulations.

More than 50 courses are offered and a full menu of new courses is scheduled for development and release throughout the upcoming months.