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Bendix Talks Safety at Trucking Conference

August 21, 2013 By: Trucking News Staff Tags: News, Safety

Scott Burkhart, vice president and general manager of controls and modules for Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems will join other trucking industry leaders on a safety technology panel at the 2013 Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference (CVOC).

The panel discussion, called “How Regulations and Customer Demand Are Driving Safety Technology Forward,” occurs today — the first of a two-day conference in Dallas, Texas.

This fourth-annual Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference brings together thought leaders from all segments of the trucking industry to discuss the state of the industry and what steps to take to succeed in the fourth quarter and beyond.

As a member of the safety regulations and equipment panel, Burkhart will share insights on how innovative products can help improve safety, performance, and return on investment for fleets. The panel will also examine the factors that are driving the growth of safety technologies in the market.

“A main driver of safety technology growth is fleet experiences. Accidents are a $52 billion a year issue for the industry, with the costs of these incidents – both financially and in the lives they affect – going up rapidly for fleets,” Burkhart said. “More and more fleets are seeing that proven on-board safety technologies – including full stability, collision mitigation, lane departure warning, and data systems – can help reduce the number and severity of accidents. In an environment where fleets must carefully weigh competing costs and priorities when spec’ing trucks, the value of these technologies is clear as fleets strive to reduce costs.”

Burkhart noted that fleet acceptance for these technologies is rising. And, in addition, federal regulators are beginning to see the benefits they bring to highway safety, such as helping to reduce both the number of accidents and the severity of the accidents that do occur. As one example, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is expected to issue a final ruling next year requiring stability control on commercial vehicles. And Burkhart pointed out that NHTSA is engaged in studies that may lead to a regulation requiring collision mitigation systems.

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