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Bendix Plant Surpasses 3 Million Commercial Truck Brake Shoes

October 2, 2015 By: Trucking News Staff Tags: Fleet Management, Image, News, Technology
Bendix Plant Surpasses 3 Million Commercial Truck Brake Shoes

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems has assembled more than three million remanufactured brake shoes at its Brake Shoe Remanufacturing Center in Huntington, Ind., attaining that milestone less than three years after beginning serial production of reman shoes at the facility.

Bendix, a leader in the development and manufacture of active safety and braking solutions for commercial vehicles, handles the complete salvage, coining, and assembly processes that make up start-to-finish brake shoe remanufacturing in Huntington.

“Remanufactured parts aid fleets and owner-operators in putting safe, reliable vehicles on the road, while creating value by extending their life cycle,” said Henry Foxx, Bendix director of remanufacturing. “And with Bendix shoes, they’re getting a product from an original equipment (OE) manufacturer with the capability and expertise to ensure that the reman component is capable of the performance levels expected in today’s environment. In fact, Bendix offers the same warranty on our OE and genuine Bendix OE remanufactured products, because we have that level of confidence.”

At the Huntington plant, Bendix’s nearly 40 years of experience in remanufacturing are combined with Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake’s acknowledged leadership in wheel-end solutions and brake shoe manufacturing, enabling the production of reman brake shoes that offer the durability, reliability, performance, and extended lining life expected of original equipment.

To reproduce original manufacturing methods, Bendix’s coining process uses a 1,000-ton coining press to apply the full tonnage needed to return a shoe to its proper shape and OE specifications. Without this crucial step of correcting the deformities caused by force and temperature changes during its life cycle, a recycled brake shoe no longer has the correct geometry to provide full drum contact and stopping power – even if it is relined with new friction.

Similarly, the Bendix assembly line uses the same riveting procedure used by OE manufacturers, ensuring correct lining attachment for maximum lining service.

Opened in 2012 and significantly expanded in 2014, the 74,000-square-foot Bendix Brake Shoe Remanufacturing Center is part of the multisite Bendix manufacturing campus in Huntington. One of the largest employers in Huntington, Bendix maintains a total roster of more than 460 people.