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Average Pump Price for U.S. Truckers Drops 3 Cents per Gallon

April 15, 2015 By: Trucking News Staff Tags: Fleet Management, Fuel, News

Nationwide, the average price of a gallon of diesel fuel last week dropped three cents to $2.754 per gallon, according to figures released by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). Prices were down in all regions of the country with the exception of California where the average price was up a penny.

Prices were down $1.198 a gallon last week when compared to the cost at the pump a year ago at this time.

Truck drivers in the Midwest and the Central Atlantic states saw the largest drop in prices, with a gallon of diesel heading down an average of 4.2 cents per gallon. The cheapest fuel in the country could be found in the Gulf Coast states where prices averaged $2.620 per gallon.

Shown below are diesel prices by region for the week ending Monday, April 13:

East Coast: $2.950 last week, $2.916 this week

New England: $3.114 last week, $3.076 this week

Central Atlantic: $3.122 last week, $3.080 this week

Lower Atlantic: $2.786 last week, $2.759 this week

Midwest: $2.727 last week, $2.633 this week

Gulf Coast: $2.643 last week, $2.620 this week

Rocky Mountains: $2.725 last week, $2.703 this week

California: $3.061 last week, $3.071 this week.