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Arizona Student Wins AmeriQuest Scholarship for Trucking Essay

August 5, 2015 By: Trucking News Staff Tags: Image, News, Technology

AmeriQuest Business Services, a provider of financial process automation, procurement, and asset management solutions, said Trent Teixeira of Cave Creek, Ariz., has been awarded its annual AmeriQuest Transportation Services Scholarship. Teixeira will be attending Barrett Honors College at Arizona State University in Tempe starting this fall.

This annual scholarship program for students who are studying or planning to study a technology or business derived major or related field or trade, were invited to participate in a scholarship essay competition that best answered the following question: “What can the transportation industry do to attract a new generation of truck drivers?”

This question was posed due to the fact that our transportation industry is a backbone of a healthy economy and without timely, reliable drivers, the economy can grind to a halt, and expenses and living costs can become unaffordable. The transportation industry is currently mired in a serious shortage of professional drivers.

Teixeira’s essay, deemed the best among hundreds of submissions, proposed the innovative use of marketing and public relations campaigns to attract new, professional drivers to the industry. This included regular advertising for “The Unsung Heroes of Our Economy,” government reform, as well as use of video and film to humanize the daily life and challenges professional drivers face. Teixeira notes that “truck drivers are the unsung heroes of America and the lifeblood of our economy; as such we need to find innovative ways to rebuild their vital workforce.”

The scholarship was created to help offset the increasing cost of higher education and is open to all currently enrolled full-time college freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, as well as college-bound, U.S. high school seniors.