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Swedish Arm Wrestler Inspires Volvo Truck Clothing Line

September 12, 2013 By: Trucking News Staff Tags: Equipment

Volvo Trucks has created a new clothing collection inspired by the company’s latest truck model for heavy construction duties – the Volvo FMX. The collection is a part of a partnership between Volvo Trucks and nine-time arm wrestling world champion Heidi Andersson.

“Our new clothing collection is inspired by our new Volvo FMX – one of the world’s toughest construction trucks, boasting strength, endurance and technical expertise of absolute world class,” said Åsa Theleen, brand & marketing communications manager for merchandise at Volvo Trucks. “These are properties that Heidi Andersson also personifies.”

The new collection, called Volvo Trucks Driver Gear — FMX, is being unveiled for the very first time this week at the Comtrans truck show in Moscow, which is being attended by Heidi Andersson. The Volvo FMX will also be on display at the show. It was introduced earlier this year and is designed for heavy construction duties.

As part of the cooperative venture, Heidi Andersson has developed a training program together with Volvo Trucks, specifically aimed at over-the-road drivers. Heidi is 33 years old and holds nine world championship gold medals for arm wrestling, five world championship silver medals and three world championship bronze medals as well as a pair of European championship gold medals.

“We know that many truck drivers have difficulty making time and space for physical exercise. That’s why we are now working with Heidi to give all those interested a few simple training tips that can be used in an everyday setting by anyone,” said Theleen.

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