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Stemco, TrackPoint Partner to Monitor Untethered Truck Trailer Tires

March 11, 2016 By: Trucking News Staff Tags: Equipment, Fleet Management, Safety
Stemco, TrackPoint Partner to Monitor Untethered Truck Trailer Tires

Stemco, which manufactures heavy-duty components and solutions for the commercial vehicle market, is partnering with TrackPoint Systems to provide truck fleets with real-time information using its BatRF by Stemco sensor technology.

TrackPoint Systems’ TrIPS solar-powered monitoring technology will now allow fleet managers to track tire pressures and mileage for untethered trailers. This new offering enables fleet managers to improve fuel economy, reduce road calls and increase tread life by ensuring that trailers are not dispatched from a parked location without sufficient air pressure.

The new partnership will bring real-time tire pressure and mileage information to TrackPoint users. It will also improve the billing accuracy and reconciliation ability for rental and lease fleets by eliminating inaccuracies that can arise from estimating mileage for unavailable trailers and from the use of low-sample-rate GPS technology.

Chris Steph, product manager of Stemco Innovative Tire and Mileage Solutions, said, “Fleets will now be able to get accurate and timely information about tire pressures and mileage for remote trailers. This is a great solution for lease and rental fleets because it can help with accurate billing and ensures vehicle readiness.”