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Ryder Partners With Aperia To Introduce Automatic Tire Inflation Systems

October 3, 2017 By: Trucking News Staff Tags: Equipment
Ryder Partners With Aperia To Introduce Automatic Tire Inflation Systems

Ryder has signed an exclusive partnership with Aperia Technologies, the leading supplier of tire inflation solutions for tractors and trailers. The Halo Tire Inflator solution will become the standard specification for Ryder’s heavy duty commercial rental fleet as the Company responds to increasing demand from customers looking to improve fleet performance, safety, and driver job satisfaction.

“We believe innovative automatic tire inflation solutions provide tremendous peace of mind for customers committed to on-time deliveries,” said Scott Perry, Chief Technology and Procurement Officer for Ryder Fleet Management Solutions. “These technologies will play a major role in the rapidly growing tire management space and will also become a critical component in advanced driver-assistance systems. Our strategic partnership with Aperia expands upon Ryder’s ability to provide customers with the most innovative solutions to help them streamline operations, promote safety, and reach their efficiency goals.”

Additionally, Halo will become Ryder’s preferred tire inflation solution for Ryder ChoiceLease customers and bundled offerings will also be available to Ryder SelectCare customers. This latest Ryder offering signifies Aperia’s first exclusive partnership with a full service leasing company for a bundled Halo purchase and installation.

“Technology-enabled task automation in the commercial vehicle market is helping fleets—from drivers and technicians to owners and managers operate more safely, reliably, and efficiently. With Halo, we are delivering a step-change improvement in how fleets interact with their tire assets,” said Josh Carter, CEO of Aperia. “We see tremendous opportunity with Ryder’s similar commitment to bring innovative products and service solutions to fleets with the goal of maximizing uptime. Now it will be easier for more fleets to reduce complexity when it comes to tires and reap the benefit of fast payback with our industry-leading technology.”

Tire under-inflation remains an industry hazard for the eight million tractor/trailers on U.S. roadways. Ryder fleets, equipped with Halo, will maximize tire life and reduce fuel consumption based on automatic tire pressure management. Unlike traditional tire inflation systems, Halo is self-powered, self-contained, and versatile, making for turnkey integration with the Company’s nationwide network of state-of-the-art service facilities.