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Prime Installing ATDynamics TrailerTails on New Purchases

April 20, 2013 By: Trucking News Staff Tags: Equipment

Prime Inc., among the nation’s largest refrigerated trucking fleets, is installing fuel-saving TrailerTail aerodynamic fairings on every new trailer it purchases this year. The decision to purchase ATDynamic’s semi-trailer rear-drag came after extensive fuel economy and durability tests by the Springfield, Mo.-based fleet.

Much of Prime’s fleet is made up of independent owner-operator drivers who pay for their own fuel and who will directly benefit from Prime’s investment in fuel efficient TrailerTail-equipped trailers. After extensive technology evaluation — including independent SAE Type II J1321 testing and wind tunnel testing — Prime found that a combination of TrailerTails and trailer skirts provide the greatest fuel savings at highway speed of any commercially available fairing technology.

More than 12,000 TrailerTails are currently deployed in the United States, with more than 50,000 expected on U.S. highways by next year, according to ATDynamics officials in Hayward, Calif.

ATDynamics is an affiliate of the U.S. EPA SmartWay Transport Partnership, a member of the American Trucking Association’s Technology Maintenance Council and is a key partner in the DOE-funded Super Truck initiative.

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