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New Transmission Fluid Designed for Volvo I-Shift

May 13, 2013 By: Trucking News Staff Tags: Equipment

Volvo Trucks is now offering Volvo I-Shift transmission fluid, a synthetic transmission lubricant engineered specifically for the Volvo I-Shift automated manual transmission and approved for drain intervals up to 500,000 miles in most instances.

It depends, of course, on the vehicle and application, but Volvo I-Shift transmission fluid can help reduce operating costs when the miles between changing fluids is extended for a half-million miles. Volvo I-Shift Transmission Fluid SAE 75W-80 is the preferred transmission fluid for the Volvo I-Shift, which is now standard on all Volvo-powered trucks built for the North American market.

The transmission fluid was developed to deliver the correct frictional responses, material compatibility and unique viscosity grade needed for optimized fuel economy and fluid durability demanded by the I-Shift.

Volvo I-Shift transmission fluid’s 75W-80 viscosity grade helps it maintain its fuel efficiency benefits through reduced viscous churn, smoother gear meshing and easier pumping and filtering. The high viscosity index allows for outstanding low-temperature fluidity for quicker starts, easy shifts and reduced wear during cold start-ups while providing strong lubricating films at higher temperatures.

Stable, optimized friction properties ensure smooth and rapid gear shifting, reducing stress on the driveline and tires. With its exceptional shear stability and load-carrying capacity, Volvo I-Shift Transmission Fluid SAE 75W-80 maintains effective viscosity and film strength for better wear protection under all operating conditions — even severe — throughout the life of the transmission.

The transmission fluid offers outstanding thermal durability and oxidation resistance, which helps protect against deposit formation and contributes to long seal life and extended oil drain and service intervals.

It is available in both five-gallon pails (VP0120548) and four one-gallon jugs (VPO120549).

Since its 2007 introduction to North America, sales of the Volvo I-Shift have grown steadily. In 2012, nearly 60 percent of Volvo-powered vehicles built also featured an I-Shift.