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New Roadnet Insight Tool Delivers Trucking Info Across the Fleet

February 13, 2015 By: Trucking News Staff Tags: Equipment, Fleet Management, Technology
New Roadnet Insight Tool Delivers Trucking Info Across the Fleet

Roadnet Technologies — the Omnitracs company that specializes in trucking logistics software — has launched Roadnet Insight, a flexible and easy-to-use business intelligence tool that delivers information across the entire fleet, including planning, dispatching, asset and vehicle tracking, proof-of-delivery and telematics.

Unlike traditional business intelligence (BI) tools, Roadnet Insight links analytics directly to other Roadnet business applications, addressing the growing demand for information rich systems and “embedded and pervasive analytics.” The product further takes advantage of advanced forms of data visualization to allow users to more quickly and easily obtain critical insights from their operations.

A cloud-based technology, Insight is fully compatible with on premise and SaaS solutions and integrated with Roadnet’s suite of products, offering fleets insights into trends to enable critical business decisions in minutes.

With Insight, Roadnet supports and maintains all operations data, data warehouse and the user interface, alleviating the need for trucking companies to piece together a business intelligence solution. Insight tracks the entire enterprise and delivers accurate and reliable data, allowing users to view trends and trace them back to the events that caused them in order to better understand where successes and challenges lie.

“Fleets today are leveraging sophisticated technologies, many of which generate a vast amount of data,” said Kevin Haugh, vice president and general manager at Roadnet Technologies. “Collecting this disparate data culminates into a big data mess that is hard to decipher, not to mention resource intensive and expensive.

“For customers, Insight reduces the burden of sifting through and interpreting complex data by filling in the missing link between analytics and operational applications and presenting data in a manner that is easier to consume. Insight’s interface allows users to see the connections between all parts of transportation management in order to make informed decisions that will impact their operations and, most importantly, their bottom line.”

Insight presents data in a simple way with centralized analysis of transportation management data, and advanced graphing — including a timeline and map tree feature — for a view of historical trends and long running performance. With its operational data, the tool provides a single point of access across all facets of transportation operations so customers can easily see the correlation between cost, service, efficiency and driver performance. Insight can be utilized across computers, tablets, and smartphones, presenting a mobile-ready solution with data that can be accessed anywhere.

“Without timely and reliable data, fleets essentially operate in the dark and are left making assumptions. However, when the data is layered with trends and analysis fleets are able to make more informed decisions to grow and improve their business,” said Cyndi Brandt, director of product marketing at Roadnet Technologies. “Today’s transportation professionals require a tool that is easy to use and flexible, and that gives them access to data at any point in time on any device. Insight is an advanced tool that meets the demands of fleets — offering results that are accurate, authoritative, and relevant for decision makers from the CEO down to the driver.”