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J. J. Keller Now Offering Newest Trucking Driver Data Analysis

October 5, 2015 By: Trucking News Staff Tags: Equipment, Regulations, Safety, Technology
New J. J. Keller Now Offering Trucking Driver Data Analysis

Telematics dashboards, electronic logging devices, and paper logs produce an incredible amount of valuable data. Interpreting that collective information and providing actionable compliance and best practices guidance is now an offering from J. J. Keller.

The J. J. Keller Driver DataSense Service uses proprietary technology to aggregate the continuous stream of data from a fleet’s onboard technology, paper logs, and time sheets. A J. J. Keller Client Services Team conducts ongoing analysis of that data to identify compliance and performance issues, and then delivers the expert guidance necessary to help fleets correct those issues.

“What many in the industry are discovering is that electronic logging devices and telematics technology alone don’t make drivers compliant,” said J. J. Keller’s Vice President of Managed Services Shaun Gunderson. “You still need someone to translate the volumes of raw data into practical insights. That’s what the Driver DataSense Service does for you. No more examining computer dashboards or piles of paper logs trying to uncover problem areas, and then wondering how to address them. Our Client Service Specialists will analyze your driver data and help you identify and address the root causes of non-compliance.”

In addition to ongoing driver compliance guidance, J. J. Keller Driver DataSense Service clients will also receive customizable daily alerts of compliance issues, reports on driver behavior trends, assistance in the event of a DOT audit, and access to a secure online portal that provides a holistic view of all driver data in one place.