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Kenworth T880 Mixer Highlights Truck Lineup at World of Concrete

February 3, 2016 By: Trucking News Staff Tags: Equipment, Fleet Management
Kenworth T880 Mixer Highlights Truck Lineup at World of Concrete

A Kenworth seven-axle, T880 short hood mixer with a Paccar MX-11 engine is Kenworth’s showcase construction truck at this week’s 2016 World of Concrete Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The T880 mixer appears daily through Friday in the Kenworth booth (No. C6348). The mixer represents a new T880 configuration developed to provide contractors with a highly maneuverable 80,000-pound federal bridge formula truck that can haul up to 12 yards of concrete.

The Paccar MX-11 engine is an important key to this new T880 mixer configuration. The engine is 400 pounds lighter than 13-liter engines for enhanced payload capacity and has ample low-end power for applications requiring less than 450 horsepower. The T880 features a 430-horsepower Paccar MX-11 with 1,550 pounds-feet of torque, Kenworth Diamond VIT interior for driver comfort, and for the first time, an Allison 4700RDS seven-speed automatic transmission in the 116.5-inch short hood T880.

Attendees at the World of Concrete Show can view the T880 short hood, plus four other Kenworth trucks:

  • A Kenworth T880 short hood with a 10.5-yard standard mixer and 425-horsepower Paccar MX-11 engine with 1,450 pounds-feet of torque
  • A Twin Steer Kenworth T880 with a 12-yard mixer, 455-horsepower Paccar MX-13 engine with 1,650 pounds-feet of torque, and Simard Twin Steer conversion to make the truck compatible with Ontario’s vehicle weight and dimension regulations
  • A five-axle Kenworth W900S with an 11-yard mixer, 425-horsepower Paccar MX-11 engine with 1,450 pounds-feet of torque, and Allison 4700RDS seven-speed automatic transmission
  • A four-axle Kenworth W900S with a 10.5-yard mixer and 345-horsepower Paccar PX-9 engine with 1,150 pounds-feet of torque.

“Kenworth continues to add new components and engine offerings to provide truck operators with excellent Kenworth vocational trucks that increase jobsite productivity while offering drivers a very comfortable work environment,” said Kurt Swihart, Kenworth marketing director.

“At this year’s World of Concrete, we will exhibit three Kenworth mixers equipped with the Paccar MX-11 engine, which is now in production. We also have a bridge formula W900S and a T880 twin steer spec’d for Ontario, Canada. The T880 has quickly become Kenworth’s best-selling construction truck.”

The recent addition of the MX-11, designed to produce up to 430-horsepower and 1,550 pounds-feet of torque, broadens Kenworth’s engine offering for the T880 and T880 short hood, as well as the T680, T800 with FEPTO, and W900S.