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Kenworth Markets T680 With 52-Inch Mid-Roof Sleeper

May 20, 2013 By: Trucking News Staff Tags: Equipment
Kenworth Markets T680 With 52-Inch Mid-Roof Sleeper Kenworth Markets T680 With 52-Inch Mid-Roof Sleeper

Kenworth Truck Co. designed its new 52-inch mid-roof sleeper on its flagship Kenworth T680 to provide efficiency for commercial drivers in regional haul applications where operators spend two or three nights on the road.

For example, by specifying the optional passenger swivel seat, a driver can further expand the living space, which lets the operator use both the cab and the sleeper for relaxation when parked for the evening or for a rest.

Another advantage of the 52-inch sleeper is a 700-pound weight savings when compared with Kenworth’s 76-inch sleeper. And the 52-inch sleeper provides excellent interior height for a mid-roof sleeper — so much so that a 6-foot-4 driver can easily stand up between the seats.

The mid-roof sleeper features a liftable lower bunk and upper storage units on the sleeper’s back wall, including storage for hanging clothes, or an optional upper bunk for driving teams. A bunk heater, flatscreen TV and premium sound system can be added for even more driver comfort.

In addition to gaining greater fuel efficiency, a 52-inch sleeper doesn’t have that additional three feet of volume of a full-height sleeper, which is three feet of volume that doesn’t need to be heated or cooled. That also means the sleeping area can attain a comfortable temperature much faster.

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