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J. Keller Expands Automated IFTA Reporting Option for Truck Fleets

April 13, 2015 By: Trucking News Staff Tags: Equipment, Regulations, Technology
J. Keller Expands Automated IFTA Reporting Option for Truck Fleets

Truck fleets looking to automate both fuel tax reporting and hours of service recording now have more options from which to choose. J.J. Keller has recently updated its Encompass E-Log and fleet management system to make International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) reporting an option with all editions of the system.

The automated IFTA reporting option uses J. J. Keller electronic logging devices (ELDs) to transmit a fleet’s GPS data for miles driven within each state and province back to the Encompass cloud-based portal. That data is then matched with the fleet’s fuel records to generate complete and accurate reports.

This technology is designed to save time and simplify the IFTA recordkeeping process. It can also eliminate human errors, including gap miles, transposing numbers, moving decimal points and dropping zeroes. The result is increased operational efficiency and accurate IFTA submissions.

According to Tom Reader, J. J. Keller’s director of marketing for ELDs, “The option to add automated IFTA reporting brings even more flexibility to fleets. We’re seeing that many fleets only want E-Logs and automated IFTA reporting. Together, these tools delivers huge productivity gains while meeting compliance requirements. We’re committed to providing the most flexibility to fleets making the transition from paper logs to E-Logs.”