Trucking News Online Offers New Cabin Filter for Freightliner Trucks

December 18, 2014 By: Trucking News Staff Tags: Equipment, Technology Offers New Cabin Filter for Freightliner Trucks has developed a new cabin air filter pre-filter for Freightliner FLD 120 and Classic 1988 and newer model trucks.

The company take feedback from its customers over the phone and at truck shows in order to come up with new pre-filters that keep debris from truck air filters.

The pre-filters are constructed with 1/8-inch-thick ABS plastic for durability and keep particles of debris such as rubber, dirt, sand and grain chaff from clogging the pleats of the air filter element. They are constructed of a proprietary polyester mesh with uniform micron openings and treated with a hydrophobic water repellant process.

As a result, these pre-filters catch particles as small as .005-inch, which extends the life of an air filter.

This is FreedomAirFilter’s third cabin air filter product released this year and new pre-filters are expected to launch first quarter of 2015. Pre-filters can be used over and over again because they are easily cleaned with soap and water.