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3PLs Let Shippers Put the Focus Back Where It Belongs

January 5, 2016 By: Victoria Kresge, NationaLease Tags: Blogs, Technology

When it comes to your business, your focus should be on growth, not logistics. That explains a great deal about the growth in the 3PL industry. Earlier this year, the Wall Street Journal published an article on the growth of the third-party logistics industry as more companies push to outsource their [...]

Here are 10 Ways the Workplace Will Change in 2016

December 28, 2015 By: Kate Freer, NationaLease Tags: Blogs, Fleet Management

The workplace is changing in ways that would have been inconceivable less than a decade ago. Each year, futurist Dan Schawbel, makes his workplace trend predictions in Forbes magazine. This year, his Top 10 2016 trends discuss everything from healthcare to office space to flexible schedules. Here are some of the leading [...]

The Road to Recruiting Qualified Drivers – Part 3

December 21, 2015 By: Jane Clark, NationaLease Tags: Blogs, Fleet Management

So you’ve finally found the perfect driver for your company. You’ve offered that driver a package and it’s been accepted. Mission accomplished, right? Not if you plan to retain that new driver. Now that you’ve found the right person for the job, how to do plan to keep that driver [...]

The Road to Recruiting Qualified Drivers – Part 2

December 15, 2015 By: Jane Clark, NationaLease Tags: Blogs, Fleet Management

In this, the  second of three articles about driver recruiting, we decided to go to those who experience the issue of driver shortage directly — our members who offer dedicated contract carriage. I gave you my recommendations on how to recruit qualified drivers in Part 1 of this series. Now it’s time [...]

The Road to Recruiting Qualified Drivers – Part 1

December 8, 2015 By: Jane Clark, NationaLease Tags: Blogs, Fleet Management

Editor’s Note: The driver shortage remains one of the biggest concerns for the trucking industry. Our three-part series addresses the issue of finding and keeping the best drivers you can in this challenging environment. People will come along with suggestions of how to deal with the driver shortage: better compensation and [...]

Don’t Wait for Freezing Weather to Winterize Your Fleet

November 30, 2015 By: Byron Lay, NationaLease Tags: Blogs, Fleet Management

When your business depends on delivering on time, you can’t afford to let winter breakdowns get in the way. That’s especially true if you’re in a portion of the country that experienced unusually warm weather for this time of year. Tomorrow is the first day of December, and November’s “warm spell” in [...]

There Are Five Levels of Autonomy in “Self-Driving” Trucks

November 18, 2015 By: Joe Puff, NationaLease Tags: Blogs, Technology

We’ve all heard the “buzz”  about autonomous vehicles, but what’s the state of that technology when it comes to commercial trucks? The trucking industry has been talking about automation since Freightliner announced Inspiration, a so-called self-driving truck, earlier this year. Since then, Peterbilt announced its Advanced Driver Assistance System, which it says [...]

There’s No Weight Watchers for Your Heavy-duty Trucks

November 9, 2015 By: Jim Sweeney, NationaLease Tags: Blogs, Fleet Management

New trucks, overstuffed with new technology and driver amenities, weigh more — which can reduce payload capacity and fuel efficiency. What’s the answer? Oftentimes, the best of intentions end up with negative consequences. That’s definitely the case when it comes to the trucking industry and the need to, (a) comply [...]

4 Components to Maximizing Your Truck Drivers’ Performance

October 30, 2015 By: Michael Natalizio, HNI Tags: Blogs, Fleet Management

Drivers are the heart of the trucking industry, so it’s essential to find successful ways to attract them, coach them into becoming top performers and keep them. When looking at how to measure — and improve — driver performance, we use a simple acronym to judge the likelihood of success: DART. [...]

Top 10 Ways for Your Truck Drivers to Stay Healthy on the Road

October 23, 2015 By: James Sweeney, Tags: Blogs, Fleet Management, Safety

 If you’ve been watching the news or reading a newspaper in recent years, you’ve seen studies about sitting for long periods is bad for your health. This sedentary position increases the likelihood of diabetes, obesity and cardiac disease. Experts conclude that workers should stand when possible, walk around the office, [...]